Cannabis Influencer Marketing

We'll help connect you with some of the best influencers in the space with the right demographic audience to remain compliant.

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We've Been Working with Influencers for over 4 Years

In fact, we've done a lot of video editing services and built the livestreaming displays for over 200 clients in the influencer space.  From video game influencers to metal musicians on labels, we've helped them ramp up their video production and live streaming capabilities.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

  • Reaching the Right People: Think of influencers as passionate enthusiasts who've gathered an engaged audience around a topic, like beauty, fitness, travel, tech, you name it. When brands team up with them, it's like getting a direct line to a crowd who's already primed to dig what they're offering.

  • Building on Trust: Trust isn't built in a day. Influencers have spent a lot of time cultivating a bond with their followers, who value their opinions and suggestions. So when these influencers vouch for a brand, their seal of approval gives that brand an instant credibility boost.

  • Stirring up Creative Content: Influencers aren't just promoters - they're creators too. They have a knack for crafting engaging, authentic content that puts brands in the best light. This makes their work valuable not just for the initial promotion, but as content that can be shared across various channels.

  • Giving SEO a Leg Up: Teaming up with influencers can also give a website's search engine ranking a welcome boost. When an influencer, who has a blog or website, links back to a brand's site, it can do wonders for SEO.

  • Making Brands More Visible: Influencer marketing is a sure-fire way to ramp up a brand's visibility online. The more a brand is linked with a popular influencer, the more ingrained it becomes in people's online experience.

  • Driving Conversions: Followers of influencers aren't just passive watchers - they're active participants, ready to take action. This means brands can expect a significant uptick in conversion rates, often outperforming other marketing channels.

  • Saving on Marketing Costs: Although costs can vary, influencer marketing often gives brands more bang for their buck compared to traditional ad campaigns. Many influencers are open to collaborations that don't break the bank, making it a cost-effective way to get the word out.

  • Connecting with Younger Audiences: Traditional advertising sometimes falls flat with the younger crowd. But millennial and Gen Z audiences often engage with influencers on a daily basis. This makes influencers an invaluable conduit for reaching these younger demographics.

What Are The Steps Involved

  • Influencer marketing is an exciting way for brands to spread the word about their products to the right audience. I wanted to share some tips for getting started with influencer marketing in a helpful, easy-to-follow manner.

  • First, decide what your goals are, like raising brand awareness or increasing sales. Then, get to know your target audience well. Their interests and behaviors will help you choose great influencers to work with!

  • Look for influencers whose followers match your audience. Check how influential and trustworthy the influencers seem by seeing how many fake followers they have and whether their posts sound honest. Pick influencers you connect with!

  • Reach out to influencers you're interested in working with. Share why you think they're a great fit and how you could help each other. Build real connections.

  • Discuss all the details like how many posts they'll make, what types of content, and timeframes. Make sure you're both on the same page about expectations.

  • Work closely together on a content strategy to get influencers' fans excited while keeping things authentic. People can tell if influencers truly like a brand or not!

  • Track how the influencers' posts are doing by using tools to watch how people respond. See what's working and make changes to get better over time.

  • After your campaign, look at the results based on things like how many people engaged with the influencers' posts. Think about sales and clicks too. Decide if you want to team up again!

  • Stay in touch even when campaigns end. Keep the door open for future influencer marketing together. Building strong, long-term relationships with influencers is so valuable.

  • Influencer marketing may seem complicated, but by following these steps and maintaining honest, mutually beneficial partnerships with influencers, your brand can thrive!