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Since our start, Kief Studio has focused on one goal - transforming brands by blending creativity, technology, and strategy. In a digital world, we realized early that a brand isn't just a logo or color palette. It's about crafting meaningful experiences, fostering relationships, and sharing impactful stories.

Our diverse team unites experts from various backgrounds, each bringing unique perspectives and abilities. This collaboration empowers us to creatively confront challenges, delivering innovative, effective, integrated solutions.

With expertise across a wide range of services, we have become a trusted partner for businesses large and small, from local makers to multinational corporations. Our commitment to compliance, including specialized sectors such as cannabis, distinguishes us and ensures our partners operate within regulations.

Amelia 'Meelie' Gagne

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kief Studio

Amelia 'Meelie' Gagne, CEO Kief Studio
It's not about your resources, it's about what passion and belief you have in your abilities to succeed. Turning the resources you already have into the path to success is when the magic happens." 
- Meelie

CEO at the Crossroads of Creativity and Strategy

As the Chief Executive Officer of Kief Studio, Meelie embodies a rare blend of artistic vision and strategic acumen. Her unique leadership style is defined by a fusion of creativity, psychological insight, and technological expertise. With a rich background in art, psychology, writing, and coding, Meelie orchestrates innovative brand strategies that resonate deeply with their intended audience. Her approach is not just about leading a business but also about inspiring creativity and fostering a culture where art and strategy coexist harmoniously. Under her guidance, Kief Studio stands as a testament to the power of integrating diverse skills and perspectives in the realm of digital artistry.

Cultivating Skills for Technological Leadership

Meelie's career, rich and varied, has consistently nurtured skills vital for leading in a tech-focused environment. Her time in the hospitality sector, particularly in high-end catering and event management, sharpened her abilities in precise planning and exceptional client service — skills that are invaluable in understanding and meeting the complex needs of tech clients. Her entrepreneurial experience, from running a cleaning business to managing a daycare and retail management, demonstrated her adeptness in organizational management and creative problem-solving. These roles have cultivated a unique blend of agility, foresight, and customer-centric focus, which Meelie brings to her leadership at Kief Studio, driving innovative tech solutions with a human touch.

Melding Psychology and Technology

Meelie's educational achievements are as diverse as her professional experiences, forming a cornerstone of her role at Kief Studio. Her certifications in Consumer Psychology and Positive Psychology provide a deep understanding of customer behaviors and motivations, critical in crafting user-centric tech solutions. As a certified NLP Practitioner and Art Therapeutic Life Coach, she brings an empathetic and nuanced approach to team management and client relations. Her proficiency in Modern Applied Psychology complements her technical skills in programming languages and digital tools, making her a uniquely equipped leader in the tech industry. This blend of psychological insight and technical expertise enables her to create innovative, empathetic, and effective strategies in the digital realm.

A Mother and Entrepreneur's Vision

At the heart of Kief Studio lies Meelie's compassionate and empathetic leadership, deeply influenced by her experiences as a mother and entrepreneur. Her journey in life has imbued her with a profound understanding of empathy, patience, and resilience, qualities that she skillfully applies in her professional role. Meelie's vision for Kief Studio was born from a desire to create a positive impact in the tech world, blending her personal values with her professional aspirations. Her ability to view challenges through multiple perspectives aids in effective problem-solving and decision-making. This unique blend of maternal insight and entrepreneurial spirit drives the inclusive, innovative culture at Kief Studio, shaping a company that is as nurturing as it is forward-thinking.

Artistic and Technical Synergy: Crafting Digital Masterpieces

Meelie's journey as an artist and technologist reflects her unique ability to blend the creative with the digital. Her artistic talents, exemplified in her work with graphics, animations, and artwork for content creators and live streamers, are complemented by her technical skills in web project collaboration. This synergy of art and technology is at the core of her contributions to Kief Studio. Her artistic flair enhances the studio's digital offerings, while her technical acumen ensures these creations are not only beautiful but also functionally superb. This combination of skills enables Meelie to craft digital masterpieces that are both visually stunning and technically sound, perfectly encapsulating the essence of Kief Studio's innovative spirit.

A Unique Confluence of Skills Shaping Kief Studio's Success

Meelie's diverse skill set and entrepreneurial vision drive the success of Kief Studio. With experience in retail, event, and daycare management, she has assisted individuals in establishing online businesses for 12 years. Her leadership style fosters an inclusive and forward-thinking environment, while her expertise in JavaScript, Python, and web development enhances the studio's capabilities in creating bespoke digital solutions integrating technology, AI, and art. 

Brian 'Hippy' Gagne

Chief Technological Alchemy Officer (CT🜁O) of Kief Studio

Brian 'Hippy' Gagne, Chief Technological Alchemy Officer (CT🜁O) of Kief Studio
"We're all on a ball of compressed dust circling around a massive nuclear fusion reactor with no instructions, and no notion of how or why. All we are born with is the knowledge that doing the right thing for fellow humans feels right. So let's do that."  - Hippy

Blending Technology and Holistic Expertise for Innovation

As the Chief Technological Alchemy Officer at Kief Studio, Hippy, known professionally as Brian, leads with a strong emphasis on technological innovation and digital strategy. His primary focus is on harnessing advanced technology and design principles to deliver cutting-edge solutions for clients. While technology remains at the forefront of his role, Brian also integrates his profound understanding of holistic herbal knowledge into his work.

This unique combination of digital mastery and herbal wellness insight allows him to offer distinctive and effective solutions, setting Kief Studio apart in the tech industry.

Professional Journey: A Spectrum of Skills and Knowledge

Brian's professional background is distinguished by a strong foundation in technology, reflected in his certifications in computer science, niche marketing, and project management. These technical qualifications form the cornerstone of his role at Kief Studio, demonstrating a commitment to the cutting-edge demands of the tech industry.

In addition to his technological skills, Brian has expanded his expertise into specialized areas, holding a Master Certification in Cannabis. This is complemented by his license as a Holistic Herbalist and his certification as a Chakra Healing Practitioner, both accredited by the International Association of Therapists.

Digital Strategy and Client Engagement Since 2006

Since his initial foray into the digital domain in 2006, Brian has emerged as a prominent figure in web design and digital media services. His broad spectrum of expertise includes working with colleges, it firms, public safety consultants, research consortiums, data aggregation companies, and providing comprehensive technological support to various organizations.

This diverse experience has equipped him with the ability to develop powerful digital strategies and innovative solutions that cater to a wide range of client needs. A testament to his skill and dedication is the fact that clients dating back to 2012 continue to rely on his expertise.

Beyond the Desk, the Pursuit of Science and Music

Brian's multifaceted endeavors extend beyond the digital sphere into the vibrant world of music and astrophysics. A skilled guitar player and a devoted metalhead, his passion for music originated from the hardcore scene, which instilled in him values of authenticity, camaraderie, and resilience. These principles, deeply rooted in staying true to oneself and supporting others in need, directly translate into his professional ethos. Brian's commitment to doing the right thing and protecting values resonates in the way he manages projects and delivers high-quality products to clients. This unique blend of passion and strong ethical standards sets him apart in his approach to business and client relations.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Brian is deeply fascinated by quantum mechanics and astrophysics. His quest for knowledge is relentless, as evidenced by his contributions to scientific research, where he donates computing power to analyze data from radio telescopes in collaboration with the BOINC organization. This thirst for understanding the unknown extends to his love for space exploration and sci-fi, particularly Star Trek, a topic that he discusses with infectious enthusiasm and insight.

Distinctive Approach in Technology and Leadership

Brian's diverse interests – from the hardcore music scene to the mysteries of the universe – shape his unique perspective as a leader and innovator. They fuel his creativity, enhance his problem-solving abilities, and strengthen his commitment to delivering exceptional results to clients, making his approach at Kief Studio truly distinctive.

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