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Branding & Design

Define Your Identity

Craft an image that resonates with your target audience and communicates your story through captivating visuals.


Content & SEO

Craft Your Message

Showcase your essence through quality content and ensure your voice is heard on top search engine results.

Kief Studio

Local Marketing & Social Media

Be Known Everywhere
Amplify your business presence locally and in the vast realm of social media.

Tech & Strategy

Enhance with Innovations

Integrate cutting-edge tools for a seamless experience and employ smart strategies for an edge in the market.

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I reached out to the amazing people at Kief Studio in the process of creating my new business. It became immediately clear that my expectations would be exponentially surpassed. Brian and Meelie took me and my company under their insanely capable wings and somehow, translated my ramblings into a cohesive, clear, vision for the future. They understood exactly what I wanted to convey and executed it in a remarkably short amount of time without incident of any kind. I will be continuing my relationship with Kief Studio for the foreseeable future. Brian and Meelie are some of the most brilliant people I've had the pleasure of crossing paths with.

Kief Studio's Pricing

Imagine a world where your company not only exists, but thrives and leads! Kief Studio turns that vision into reality. Harnessing the art of branding, the precision of SEO, and the allure of design, we lay down the digital pathways that guide your customers right to your door. Embark on this transformative journey with us; let's redefine what's possible together.

You can choose from predefined scalable packages, or we can provide custom service as you grow. You will not see any 'surprise' costs from Kief Studio, we'll let you know if anything has additional costs based on project requirements before we start working on it.

🌐 Business Standard

starting at

$ 199 .00

/ month
  • Digital Services:

🌍 Standard Hosting

📝 1 Standard Blog Post Per Month

🖥️ Standard Website

📇 CRM System

☁️ Cloudflare Included

🔐 Let's Encrypt SSL Included

📊 Analytics

  • Onboarding Services:

🎨 Basic Logo Design

🔍 Basic SEO

📣 Social Media Account Design (2 Platforms)

📍 Basic Local Listings

🛒 E-Commerce

starting at

$ 399 .00

/ month
  • Digital Services:

🚀 Premium Hosting

✍️ 4 Targeted Blog Articles Per Month

🖥️ Website

📇 CRM System

📣 Enhanced Marketing Systems

🛍️ E-Commerce

📈 ERP System

🔐 Let's Encrypt SSL Included

📊 Analytics

  • Onboarding Services:

🎨 Premium Logo Design

🔍 Advanced SEO

📣 Social Media Account Design (3 Platforms)

📍 Advanced Local Marketing

🎨 Full Kief Studio Service

starting at

$ 799 .00

/ month
  • Digital Services:

🌟 Custom Hosting

🤖 AI Applications

📹 Videos

🎛️ Audio

📞 Custom Support Packages

  •  Branding & Marketing Services:

🎨 Exclusive Hand-Drawn Logo Design & Branding

🔍 Elite SEO

📣 Social Media Account Design (4 platforms)

📍 Full-Scale Local Marketing

🎙️ Podcast Setup and Management

🎥 Custom Video Production

Add-ons (at additional costs):

🛠️ Third Party Integrations

🖥️ Custom Website Development

📊 Advanced Data Capturing

💬 Premium Customer Experience Packages

Please note, Prices and services mentioned are subject to change based on market dynamics and availability. All prices mentioned above are base rates and may vary based on the specific needs and requests of the client. The turnaround time for service deployment is an estimate and may change based on project complexity and requirements. Kief Studio reserves the right to modify, add, or remove services and adjust pricing at our discretion. Services may have specific conditions or dependencies and may have additional charges based on the client's requirements.

  • Social Media Account Design is limited to standard platforms such as Facebook, X (Formerly Twitter), LinkedIn  and Instagram. Additional and/or other platforms may incur extra charges.
  • Advanced SEO optimization may vary based on the current status and complexity of the client's website.
  • Custom Video Production and Podcast Setup are dependent on content specifics, duration, and other client requirements which may lead to varying costs.
  • Third Party Integrations and Advanced Data Capturing might be subject to third-party costs or additional licensing fees.
Frequently Asked Marketing Questions

What are some effective marketing strategies for my business?

Proven marketing strategies

Some proven marketing strategies include content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC ads, influencer marketing, and event/experiential marketing. The ideal marketing mix incorporates both digital and traditional tactics tailored to your business goals, target audience, and industry. Our team can help determine the best strategies based on your unique needs.

How can I build my business's brand?

Your mission, values, persona, visual identity

Building a strong brand involves defining your mission, values, persona, visual identity through logos/colors, and crafting consistent messaging across channels. Consumers connect most with brands that have an authentic story and purpose. We can help craft your branding strategy and bring your brand identity to life.

How do I create engaging content for my business?

Develop relevant content around customer pain points, storytelling, entertainment, and education about your products or industry.

Focus on creating valuable, relevant content for your ideal customers. Useful blog posts, videos, infographics, eBooks, and more can attract and convert an audience. Develop content around customer pain points and industry education. optimize content for SEO with target keywords.

What are effective techniques for lead generation?

Content offers, email signups, social promotions, PPC ads, contact forms, and integrations with CRM systems.

Capturing leads for your business can be done through content offers, email signups, social promotions, PPC ads, contact forms, and integrations with CRM systems. Focus on providing value in exchange for contact details. Nurture leads through marketing automation and personalized messaging.​

How can I improve my local marketing?

Building local citations/directories, creating location-specific content.

Boosting your local presence involves optimizing Google My Business, building local citations/directories, creating location-specific content, sponsoring local events, partnering with local businesses, and leveraging other geo-targeted strategies. Our team can craft a local marketing plan tailored for you.

How do I select the right marketing analytics tools?

Website traffic, rankings, leads, sales, and ROI.

Important metrics to track include website traffic, rankings, leads, sales, and ROI. Select tools that integrate with your tech stack and provide data tied to your goals. Common analytics tools include Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook Analytics. We can advise on the best tools for your needs.

How can I improve my email deliverability rates?

Avoid oversending, spam triggers, and inactive subscribers.

Focus on list hygiene, engaging subject lines, mobile optimization, scheduling sends at optimal times, and monitoring feedback from ISPs. Avoid common red flags like oversending, spam triggers, and inactive subscribers.

What's the best way to drive traffic from social media?

Focus on value.

Post valuable, shareable content consistently. Use relevant hashtags. Engage community members and influencers. Run targeted ads to reach new followers. Promote content across platforms.

How often should I post on social media?

For the more popular platforms, 1-2 times a day.

Posting frequency depends on your industry and audience. For most businesses, 1-2 posts per day per platform is ideal. Analyze competitor and audience behavior data to determine optimal posting cadence.

What are some low-budget marketing strategies?

Social media and SEO.

Low-cost tactics like social media, SEO, email, influencer partnerships, guest posting, community engagement, and crafting valuable content can be highly effective when executed well. Get creative and maximize existing resources.

Should my business invest in PPC advertising?

Likely, yes. It provides a direct outreach to qualified buyers if done correctly.

PPC ads like Google Ads provide precise targeting, measurable results, and strong ROI when optimized well. Consider search, display, and social ads tailored to your goals. Set targets and budgets based on data.

Kief Studio provides a wide range of marketing, technology, and creative services to many industries.

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