Kief Studio is an Authorized Partner of Anthropic

Meet Claude and Expand your organizations capabilities tenfold with Anthropic's AI system.

Trusted by major corporations, Anthropic is aligned and positioned as a system for business applications. The system boasts a highly steerable 100K context window, and advanced reasoning capabilities, dramatically increasing effectiveness over other systems. With Kief Studio's officially recognized and authorized customization and integration services, we can bring this powerful AI system into your organization.

Who Uses Anthropic's AI, Claude?

Amazon Logo - Amazon Uses Anthropic


Claude is Integrated into Amazon's cloud based Bedrock system, enabling wide scale applications as a SaaS offering.

Slack Logo - Slack Uses Anthropic


Anthropic's Claude is used in Slack to read and understand shared content. It provides answers fast, streamlining projects and communication.

Notion Logo - Notion Uses Anthropic


Assisting users through advanced company and project planning tools, directly integrating a dual-database approach using Claude.

Zoom Logo - Zoom Uses Anthropic


Using Anthropic's AI system Claude for customer service, and for user interactivity functions, expanding the capabilities for Zoom users.​​​​​​

Custom Chatbots for Websites

Chatbots are exceptional tools for customer interactions, streamlining support and providing valuable answers in real time.

Steerable Interactions

Ensuring the system knows your company and adheres to your brand and experience is crucial.

Streamline Communication

Answering emails, responding to support requests, or even writing entire documents effectively, fast.

Make Sense of Complex Data

Claude's reasoning capabilities and 100K context window set it apart from other systems, allowing for effective understanding and response.

Integrate AI into your Business with Kief Studio

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