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Our mission is to make an impact in the cannabis industry. Using digital media, content, design, culture, and passion, Kief.Studio helps brands and companies spread awareness, education, and the value of cannabis. In addition, it’s our goal to help people find better mental and physical health.

Kief.Studio will design the SEO and content strategy for your cannabis business, brand, or brands. In addition, we will help you build a brand from scratch based on your customers’ needs, using collected data.

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Meelie, Co-Founder of Kief.Studio
MeelieArt, Psychology, Writing, Coding

Meelie holds a Master Certification in Cannabis and certifications in Art Therapeutic Life Coaching, Modern Applied Psychology, and Positive Psychology. The skills she has learned creates a powerful bond between your brand and audience.
She has run a business providing live broadcasters and industry influencers with branding and graphics. Meelie specializes in painting, and she can make your shop a truly spectacular and memorable experience for your customers. Whether content, digital media, web design, handmade plushies, or murals, Meelie can help you provide unique value for your customers.  

Hippy, Co-Founder of Kief.Studio
HippyMusic, Video, Writing, Tech, Data

Hippy (aka Brian) is Master Certified in Cannabis, a Project Management Professional, a Computer Science Professional, a Niche Marketing Professional, and a Certified Holistic Herbalist by the International Association of Therapists.

As a passion project, he decided recently to shift his focus to the cannabis industry after running a business providing web design and digital media services since 2006. Through advanced marketing strategies, video, graphics, development, and music, he wants to develop online structures that will blow away the competition for qualified cannabis companies.