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About Kief Studio

Kief Studio is a one-stop shop for cannabis marketing from start to finish. Our team of Master Certified Cannabis Marketers can help you create a custom strategy that capitalizes on the latest trends and techniques to bring in more customers. In addition, Kief Studio uses advanced analytics tools to track and measure your results, so you can be sure that your investment is paying off. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your cannabis business will flourish in today’s competitive market. Let Kief Studio be the partner you need to achieve success and drive results! Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Meet the Kief Studio Cannabis Marketing Team

Meelie, a bright photo with a tree
Chief Executive Officer
Art, Psychology, Writing, Coding

Meelie holds a Master Certification in Cannabis and certifications in Art Therapeutic Life Coaching, Modern Applied Psychology, and Positive Psychology. She has completed courses for JavaScript, Python, The Adobe Suite, and consumer psychology. She has learned to create a powerful bond between your brand and audience.

She has run a business providing live broadcasters and industry influencers with branding and graphics. Meelie specializes in painting, and she can make your shop a truly spectacular and memorable experience for your customers. Whether content, digital media, web design, handmade plushies, or murals, Meelie can help you provide unique value for your customers. Her artwork, both digital and physical media, can be viewed and purchased on her website, https://meelie.art.

Chief Operating Officer
Music, Video, Writing, Tech, Data

Hippy (aka Brian) is Master Certified in Cannabis, a Project Management Professional, a Computer Science Professional, a Niche Marketing Professional, and a Certified Holistic Herbalist by the International Association of Therapists. He has recently acquired a Chakra Healing Practitioner certification as well.

He shifted focus to the cannabis industry after running a business providing web design and digital media services since 2006. Through advanced marketing strategies, video, graphics, development, and music, he develops online structures that will blow away the competition for qualified cannabis companies. In his spare time he studies quantum mechanics, astrophysics, and donates computer power to analyze waves from radio telescopes worldwide with the BOINC organization. If you are into Star Trek, Hippy will certainly entertain the conversation.

We are Master Certified in Cannabis! 

  • Trained and Certified to Open a Cannabis Business
  • Trained and Certified to Run a Cannabis Business Day to Day
  • Trained and Certified to Maintain a Cannabis Business
  • Trained and Certified to Maintain Compliance for All Regulations
  • Trained and Certified in Extraction Techniques
  • Trained and Certified in Edible Preparations
  • Trained and Certified for Advanced Knowledge of Cannabinoids
  • Trained and Certified for Advanced Knowledge of Terpenes
  • Trained and Certified for Advanced Knowledge of Growing Techniques
  • Trained and Certified for Advanced Knowledge of Medicinal Cannabis Treatments
Kief Studio Master Certified Cannabis Marketing Team

Impact Marketing

For the Cannabis Industry

Our mission is to make an impact in the cannabis industry. Using digital media, content, design, culture, and passion, Kief Studio helps brands and companies spread awareness, education, and the value of cannabis. In addition, it’s our goal to help people find better mental and physical health.

Kief Studio will design the SEO and content strategy for your cannabis business, brand, or brands. In addition, we will help you build a brand from scratch based on your customers’ needs, using collected data.


Software, Languages, Test Environments & Services Our Team Uses

This list does not include all directories. The Kief Studio Team also integrates a network of backlinks to your business location through services such as MerchantCircle, ChamberOfCommerce, Yelp, Tripadvisor, and others.

On your behalf, we work with these companies. Based on your business, we will give you the appropriate directories. Often, these companies allow you to authorize third parties to work on your behalf. This will be done early in the process for a simple and quick build. Additionally, our team pays exceptional attention to detail. Increasing your revenue through online marketing for cannabis businesses is our goal.

IHeartJane Cannabis Online Menu & Inventory Management Platform
Dutchie Online Cannabis Ordering System
Leafly Cannabis Education, Online Menu, and Inventory Management
Weedmaps Online Cannabis Menu, Inventory Management & Ordering System
Sprout Text Messaging System for Cannabis Companies
Hippy.TV Customized Merch Designs, Worldwide Shipping
Microsoft Office 365
Adobe Creative Cloud
Presonus Studio One
Apple iOS
Amazon AWS
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Audition
Adobe Dimension
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Express (Spark)
Adobe Acrobat

The Kief Studio Team will Optimize Your Directory Listings

Certain cannabis businesses cannot be listed on all directory services. For instance, Tripadvisor won’t list a dispensary if it’s not an attraction. The hayride through the waves of cannabis at a dispensary counts as an attraction. Stages count too. It might not be approved if it’s just a retail location, but they may support it if it’s the only dispensary for 100 miles. Eventbrite, for instance, is only useful if you host events at the dispensary.

Custom Platforms

Our team helps clients receive suitable custom options. Kief Studio, where required, we can use most open-source and proprietary solutions. As a result, the proper CMS will be determined once the project requirements are mapped out. We typically use WordPress for our client projects for its versatility and universal compatibility. Also, our primary hosting configuration for WordPress is fast and relatively inexpensive. Furthermore, if you have a custom framework, platform, or CMS you prefer to use, such as Symphony, PHPNuke, Magento, Oracle, Azure, or Drupal, please let us know, and we will get you the proper quote.