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Our Journey

Since our inception, Kief Studio has been driven by a singular vision – to transform brands by seamlessly blending creativity, technology, and strategy. In a world dominated by digital interactions, we realized early on that a brand's identity is not just about its logo or its color scheme. It's about crafting experiences, building relationships, and telling stories that resonate.

Our multi-faceted team brings together experts from diverse fields, each with a unique perspective and skill set. This synergy allows us to tackle challenges head-on, ensuring that our solutions are innovative, effective, and holistic.

As we specialize in a broad range of services, we've become the go-to studio for businesses of all scales and sectors, from local artisans to global corporations. Our commitment to compliance, especially in specialized sectors like the cannabis industry, sets us apart and ensures that our partners always operate within regulatory standards.

About Meelie, CEO of Kief Studio

​About Meelie, CEO of Kief Studio

A Symphony of Creativity and Expertise

In the vibrant world of branding and digital artistry, Meelie stands as a beacon of innovation. As the Chief Executive Officer of Kief Studio, she masterfully intertwines her passions for art, psychology, writing, and coding into cohesive strategies that breathe life into brands.

Educational Forte and Prowess

Holding a Master Certification in Cannabis, Meelie's academic and professional endeavors go beyond conventional boundaries. With certifications in Art Therapeutic Life Coaching, Certified NLP Practitioner, Modern Applied Psychology, and Positive Psychology, she harnesses the power of the human psyche in her work. Her proficiency in JavaScript, Python, the Adobe Suite, and consumer psychology offers a nuanced approach to brand building, ensuring that every project resonates deeply with its intended audience. 

Blending Art with Business

Meelie's entrepreneurial spirit shines through in her history of aiding live broadcasters and industry influencers with their branding and graphical needs. A seasoned painter, she breathes magic into physical spaces, making every shop she touches a haven of spectacular visuals and unforgettable customer experiences. 

From crafting engaging digital content and pioneering web designs to creating handmade plushies and stunning murals, Meelie’s versatility adds unparalleled value to any collaboration. Her gift lies in her ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, to draw connections between disparate ideas, and to shape them into a compelling brand narrative.

Discover Meelie’s Art

For those who wish to embark on a visual journey through Meelie's artistic realm, her creations, spanning both digital and physical media, are showcased and available for purchase at Meelie's Art Gallery.

"Creating a powerful bond between your brand and audience is an art. Let's paint your masterpiece together."

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About Hippy, COO of Kief Studio​

A Mosaic of Skill and Passion

In the intricate dance of operations and strategy, Hippy, also fondly known as Brian, takes the center stage as the Chief Operating Officer at Kief Studio. Seamlessly merging his love for music, video, writing, tech, and data, Brian crafts symphonies of operational success that resonate with both clients and audiences alike.

Prestigious Accolades and Achievements

Armed with a Master Certification in Cannabis, Brian's credentials encompass a diverse range of fields, speaking volumes about his commitment to continual learning. Not only is he a Project Management Professional and a Computer Science aficionado, but he also excels as a Niche Marketing Professional and stands recognized as a Certified Holistic Herbalist by the International Association of Therapists. His recent foray into the spiritual realm, marked by a Chakra Healing Practitioner certification, adds another feather to his already impressive cap.

Navigating the Digital Seas

Transitioning his focus to the budding cannabis industry, Brian's journey commenced with a business in web design and digital media services dating back to 2006. Infusing advanced marketing strategies with compelling video narratives, crisp graphics, intuitive development, and immersive music, he architects online fortresses that leave competitors in awe. His forte lies in harnessing the essence of qualified cannabis companies and translating them into magnetic online presences.

Beyond the Desk

A curious mind and an avid learner, Brian’s interests span the fascinating realms of quantum mechanics and astrophysics. His dedication to knowledge doesn't stop there; he selflessly contributes computing power to help analyze waves from radio telescopes across the globe, partnering with the esteemed BOINC organization. And, for those who cherish the vastness of space and the allure of exploration - strike up a conversation about Star Trek with him. Brian's passion for the final frontier is both infectious and enlightening.

"Navigating the digital cosmos, one code at a time. Let's embark on this journey together."

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