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Baron's Confections Case Study

Barons Confections cannabis edibles company based in Beverly Hills, California, that produced high-quality and unique cannabis-infused edibles. To get noticed by mainstream media and gain exposure, Barons Confections partnered with the owners of Kief Studio before they decided to create Kief Studio under a basic marketing contract. They created a comprehensive digital media campaign that would help them reach their target audience.

It was a successful digital marketing strategy that included social media, a website and several blogs to showcase Barons Confections' products and unique story. They created engaging and visually appealing content that showcased the benefits of consuming cannabis-infused edibles.

The digital media campaign was a huge success and led to over 2.5 million views on social media through a post created by PopSugar. Barons Confections gained media coverage on mainstream news outlets such as CBS News and Edibles Magazine, which helped the company gain significant exposure in the cannabis industry. As a result, Barons Confections' customer base and revenue increased significantly.

They have since created a private medical facility for patients suffering debilitating conditions to receive treatment.

Digital Media Campaign
2.5 Million+
Eyes on their Story

Advertising Case Studies

Kief Studio's Advertising Services offers targeted marketing solutions for events that drive results. Here are some key statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness of our services:

69% of digital media time is spent on mobile devices.​ This highlights the importance of 

mobile-targeted advertising.

88% of mobile searches are for local businesses.​ indicating the potential for location-based campaigns.

78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase , showcasing the power of localized ads.

Display advertising has proven to increase traffic to websites by 300%, making it an effective way to drive online engagement.
Our cannabis-targeted marketing services focus on retargeting former and active customers, competitor customers, and lookalikes, while also targeting local online audiences. With advanced geo-fencing, we can generate configurable shapes and target audiences in real-time based on highly localized information such as local competitors and products.

Our targeting benefits include scalability, granular localization, and fully automated event targeting campaigns. We offer a variety of ad types, including banner display and interstitial ads, and utilize data advantages such as scalability, accuracy, and localization.

Brand safety is a top priority for us, and we ensure that ads are shown only on predetermined sites using whitelists, deal IDs, and integration with Integral Ad Science. We also use cross-channel delivery to reach users consistently across devices and have fraud prevention measures in place to detect and prevent fraudulent traffic sources.

Optimizing viewability is crucial for accurate campaign effectiveness, and we utilize Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify to support third-party viewability tags.

We go beyond just campaign builds and live deployments, offering weekly campaign summaries, end-of-campaign debriefs, and strict campaign management SLAs. Choose Kief Studio's Advertising Services for effective and targeted event marketing.

Medical Marijuana Card Company Campaign

Kief Studio's Advertising Services worked with a medical center client who wanted to promote their process for attaining a medical marijuana card. Our client wanted to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to their website, and promote their swift process to get patients to their appointment page.

To achieve these goals, we made smart choices for the client's campaign by targeting audiences that were likely to be great prospects for visiting their site. We further optimized their budget by implementing a heavy search tactic focusing on people who were already considering medical marijuana as an option.

For the display campaign, we used five different sizes of creative and achieved a .15% click-through rate. We delivered the campaign to the Baltimore DMA, with 70% of the delivery on mobile devices and 30% on desktops. The campaign ran for one month and resulted in 232 site visits and 51 confirmed visits to the appointment page.

We targeted active prospects with appropriate keywords and used custom audience and retargeting tactics to maximize the impact of the campaign. Kief Studio's Advertising Services was able to help our client achieve their goals of increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to their site, resulting in more appointments for their medical marijuana card process.

Click Through Rate
Mobile Device
Desktop Device
1 mo
Campaign Length

Medical Cannabis Doctor Campaign

Kief Studio's Advertising Services worked with a cannabis doctor client on a hyper-targeted online campaign that ran from March 22, 2022 to April 21, 2022. As of the report date of April 1, 2022, the campaign had received 40,165 impressions and 88 clicks, resulting in a click-through rate of .21%.

The breakdown of clicks by device type showed that 60.32% were from mobile devices, 23.81% were from tablets, and 15.87% were from desktops. The campaign utilized a combination of targeting methods, including retargeting (5), geotargeting (16), and keyword targeting (10) for a total of 34 targeting methods.

Kief Studio's Advertising Services was able to execute a hyper-targeted campaign for our cannabis doctor client, resulting in a strong click-through rate and effective use of targeting methods to reach their desired audience.

Targeting Methods
Click Through Rate
Mobile Devices