Kief Studio is born.

Introduction to Kief Studio

Kief Studio is a wife and husband team specializing in cannabis marketing solutions. Both are Master Certified in Cannabis, including business operations, cultivation, distribution, regional laws, history, chemistry, effects on the human body, and best practices. They can help you in all aspects of your cannabis business. It’s what they do.

About the husband, Co-Founder of Kief Studio

The husband, who goes by the nickname Hippy, has 17 years of experience in digital marketing, design, video editing, effects, music, and web development. He has retained clients for over 15 years because he builds relationships between the businesses he works with, the people who manage those businesses, and the partners. His work has been on television, major media outlets, radio stations, press releases, influencer accounts, and industry publications. He has worked with UNICEF partners, international healthcare organizations, colleges, and homeland security contractors. He also has a Licentiate degree in Holistic Herbalism, Project Management certification, Computer Science certification, and Adobe software.

One of the clients he signed on back in 2016 was Baron’s Confections, a gourmet cannabis edibles company out of Beverly Hills, CA. Their story completely rocked the foundation of his focus. Baron’s Confections was formed by a wife and husband caring for their daughter with a rare brain disorder. They reluctantly tried cannabis after hundreds of treatment options failed. After her first treatment, she could speak, walk, and say, “I feel free.” It brought tears to Hippy’s eyes to hear this.

Hippy decided then and there that he wanted to build an impact in the cannabis industry. He retained the vision and the laser focus and defined what he would do to achieve the goal. He will help you develop your cannabis business and tell your story with a monumental impact, and he has the skills and drive to do it. The requirement is simple. You have to want to make an impact. He will not work with companies that simply want to “sell weed”.

About The Wife, Founder of Kief Studio

Sometimes called Mrs. Hippy, and more often called Meelie, the wife on the team is a world-class artist, painter, chef, and listener with several self-operated businesses under her care, including Hippy.TV, and previously entrusted with maintenance and hygiene services for government employees at their homes. She previously worked in major retail establishment management. She understands the customers, the expectations, and how to reach people with a warm welcome. She knows the inner workings of any print-related project, shipping requirements, document design, and in-store display units.

Her interest in cannabis also was sparked by the events her husband experienced after he told her the story. She was all in. Following the legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts, she wished to become involved with the cannabis plant hands-on. She began to learn growing techniques and produced excellent yields with minimal equipment, just the drive to succeed and careful attention to detail. She can simply look at a plant and know exactly what formula is needed to optimize its potential. She has multiple certifications along with the Master Certification in Cannabis, including Adobe products, JavaScript, Positive Psychology and Modern Applied Psychology.

Her ability to hone in on industry niches and recognize how to capitalize on new ideas within the space is remarkable, garnering over 1000 interactions and reactions from posts without previous interaction in the niche. Her primary interest is understanding what makes people tick and how to engage those areas of interest in a digital environment.

Design Techniques

She gets your visibility online increase through unique visual display techniques and a warm voice. She can also paint your building interior to match the special feeling that your business brings to the cannabis industry. She is modest and prefers to listen but make no mistake, she can drive an impact that will rock the world. Your business will provide the unique, inviting feel that no other can with her skills at your disposal.


Together, this wife and husband team is unstoppable for design, audio, outreach, influence, and clarity for your marketing campaigns. This team will take several businesses to the top using data, psychology, cannabis knowledge, and industry knowledge. Their work ethic is unmatched, and their passion is remarkable.

Get started today. They want to hear from you.