Independent Sales Representative – Websites and Advertising – Cannabis

Kief Studio Shrewsbury, MA, USA

Whom We Are

  • Kief Studio, Master Certified Cannabis Marketing Experts

About Kief Studio

  • As a Master Certified Cannabis business marketing team, Kief Studio runs ads, builds engaging content, manages social media, and helps your business scale.
  • Impact Marketing solely for the Cannabis Industry.
  • Our goal is to create a compelling and effective story for your Cannabis company. Using digital media, content design, culture, and passion, Kief Studio helps brands and companies in our common missions: spread awareness, education, and the value of cannabis. Ultimately helping all with better mental and physical health.
  • The Co-Founding wife and husband partners combine unique and necessary skill sets to enhance the ROis of licensed organizations, from start-ups to ongoing cannabis marketing and sales companies.

Co-Founder, Meelie

  • Master Certification in Cannabis
  • Certifications in Art Therapeutic Life Coaching, Modern Applied Psychology, and Positive Psychology
  • Accomplished and Renowned Artist, Illustrator
  • Provided services to live broadcasters and industry influencers with branding and graphic design

Co-Founder-Hippy(aka Brian)

  • Master Certification in Cannabis
  • Project Management and Computer Science Professional
  • Web design and Digital Media Services since 2006
  • Certified Holistic Herbalist by the International Association of Therapists

Jeff Weiner-Sales Director

  • MBA/Finance/Marketing
  • Dale Carnegie Professional Sales Course
  • Sales Talk Champion
  • Instructor Sales Class and Public Speaking Classes
  • JRWMKG, LLC-Managing Partner
    • Business Development Group involved in Marketing & Sales of financial and technology services, licenses, and products thru multiple Channels of Distribution
  • Awarded multiple top performance sales awards as an Account Manager
  • National Sales Manager for Multi-National Organizations
  • Compelling Interpersonal and Team-Building Skill Sets
  • Tenacious, resourceful-always willing to learn, demonstrating integrity Building Long-Standing Relationships

Why Work Here?

Ground floor opportunities, huge growth potential.

  • We will optimize your social media accounts/LinkedIn account
  • We will educate you on understanding the cannabis industry and the tech services we offer.
  • We will give you cool, relevant, and value-driven content to share on your social platforms.
  • Proven sales management will work with you from the inception of a sale to the closure
  • We do not wear suits and thrive on open communication with the sharing of ideas
  • Success is a team effort all pulling in the same direction. Uncapped potential with new sales programs developed based on results
  • Commission-based commensurate with industry standards
  • Billing and reporting will be in place to track all commissions

Qualities Required to be a successful partner with Kief Studio

  • Must be 21years+
  • Work independently and be able to communicate with decision-makers and sell our market design services and advertising programs
  • Coordinate all sales and marketing endeavors with sales management and update the sales process and cycle.
  • Work with management on lead quality and conversion
  • Monthly agreements for a minimum of 6 months are required. Introductory terms may be approved on a case-by-case basis approved by management
  • Be communicative and forthright
  • Grow revenue with existing and new clients
  • Create and deliver sales presentations to clients
  • Previous experience in sales, advertising, or related fields.
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Ability to build rapport and relationships
  • Pass a background check
  • Pass a social media account check

Kief. Studio Services We Offer to Cannabis Companies (This is what you would be selling):

  • Website Design
  • Branding
  • Content Creation
    • Articles
    • Video
    • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Dispensary Marketing (Local Search / SEM)
  • Packaging & Merchandise Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Advertising
    • Geotargeting / Geofencing
    • Tracking
  • Radio & Podcast Advertising
  • Video Marketing