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Cannabis Packaging Design and Logo Design. Product Mockup by Kief Studio
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Cannabis Packaging Design - Flower - Product Mockup by Kief.Studio
Cannabis Packaging Design - Potted - Product Mockup by Kief.Studio
Cannabis Packaging Design - Swirl - Product Mockup by Kief.Studio

Cannabis Packaging Design

Cannabis Packaging Design

Your cannabis packaging design needs to speak to your target audience and inspire those outside your target audience. However, regardless of the product type, Kief Studio designs unique cannabis packaging, and we recommend you approach marijuana packaging like any other industry’s best brands. Our end goal is to establish you as the best cannabis industry brand, and part of that requires excellent packaging.

Cannabis Packaging Design - Swirl - Product Mockup by Kief.Studio
Cannabis Packaging Design – Swirl – Product Mockup by Kief Studio

Position Your Brand with Innovative Design and Marketing

The cannabis industry is a dynamic, creative space, and your brand packaging and materials must reflect that. In addition, your brand must position itself in the market with equally innovative design and marketing. Creating and reiterating the right message in cannabis packaging, logos, and marketing messages can be tricky. Defining the proper design guidelines for marijuana and CBD packaging is crucial during the early stages of designing.

So, now you know a little about the packaging, here are some ideas for the packaging design of cannabis, CBD, or cannabis products. For example, healthcare-inspired labels give off a confident, clean vibe. Additionally, earthy cannabis labels give a homeopathic, natural vibe. For another example, funky cannabis packaging designs with various color palettes and grungy text give off a street vibe.

Cannabis Packaging Design - Flower - Product Mockup by Kief.Studio
Cannabis Packaging Design – Flower – Product Mockup by Kief Studio

Here are some things to explore before deciding on a design for your packaging:

  • What is the target audience for your brand?
  • How do you want your products to inspire your target audience?
  • How affordable are your products?
  • Do your products fix a common problem?
  • What age group do you want to buy your products?
  • What additional characteristics does the target audience share?
Woman Wondering About Cannabis Packaging Design
Woman Wondering About Cannabis Packaging Design

While many brands still incorporate cannabis leaves into their logos and packaging designs, they often do it with a twist. With the sudden increase of cannabis, cannabis products, and CBD, many more brands are coming out of nowhere and using the green leaf as an easier way to brand their businesses. In addition, using any resemblance to the cannabis plant is not permitted in some states. The design style is overused, so we don’t recommend it.

Be New, Creative, and Inspired

Kief Studio will help you be new, creative, and inspired. We also see logos and designs suggesting a well-established legacy, giving a brand some differentiation within the industry. We see many cannabis brands based on the product’s effects on users.

Where recreational cannabis is legal, brands are allowed to be a little more playful and explicitly refer to recreational uses of the product. In addition, luxury brand names for cannabis products can help attract people who only want the best of the best. Brands aim to appeal to audiences through a broader range of colors, textures, and package designs.

Leading brands have focused much-needed energy and exploration on inclusive package designs over the last two years. As a result, packaging experts predict that sustainability will be one of the upcoming trends. As a result, brands, packaging manufacturers, and design studios will likely continue moving towards sustainable packaging for cannabis. Despite the packaging challenges, Kief Studio will keep developing innovative solutions for your cannabis packaging design needs.

Cannabis Packaging Design - Potted - Product Mockup by Kief.Studio
Cannabis Packaging Design – Potted – Product Mockup by Kief Studio

Eco-Friendly Packaging

As brands transition into eCommerce, they will dedicate more resources toward effective, eco-friendly packaging designs. As customers rely increasingly on e-commerce, brands realize the power of packaging. As a young industry, marijuana gradually establishes the rules of packaging design and labeling.

Few industries are subject to the same heavy regulation that marijuana is, making it an exceptionally challenging endeavor to pack and label. Kief Studio knows the requirements, stays up to date on the laws, and helps you design an awesome product.

Kief.Studio Product Mockup-Stickers
Kief Studio Product Mockup-Stickers

Cannabis Packaging Regulations

As in pharmaceuticals, packaging regulations in the cannabis and CBD industries can be strict. Whether cannabis is legal in your state, there is nothing illegal about package design firms working for marijuana clients. Your eCommerce package is also vital for your cannabis brand if you sell online. Lastly, your packaging materials must meet many legal requirements while also helping position your brand in the market.

Packaging Designs & The Unboxing Experience: First Impression

Cannabis Packaging Design - The Gurus Green - Product Mockup by Kief.Studio
Cannabis Packaging Design – The Gurus Green – Product Mockup by Kief Studio

Packaging is about how it feels in the hands, influences a customer’s mood, and represents your brand and message. It is worth mentioning, your eCommerce packaging is your shipping container, the first physical contact point between your company and your customers. Therefore, creating an outstanding first impression through a memorable, unboxing experience is critical. Remember, your packaging is the first interaction your customers will have with your products.

Not only is it the package that holds the product, but it also shows customers the products. When customers first purchase a product, they choose which product to buy based on how the package looks. So, your product’s goal, and the purpose behind the packaging, are to discover that your target market is for that and solves that particular problem.

Speak Thousands of Words About your Products with Expert Cannabis Packaging Design

Your customers will be seeing, thinking about, and experiencing your cannabis products. The logo display, printing, packaging, and texture on the customer’s fingertips speak thousands of words about your products.

We offer custom printed packaging if you want customized packaging for your cannabis company. We are happy to assist with your graphic design, printing, and packaging needs. Fortunately, with marijuana packaging and printing from Kief Studio, you will reach your target audience and increase sales.

With our help, you can choose colors, fonts, logos, images, packaging, messaging, and taglines for your brand. At every stage, our team will be by your side to ensure that your brand represents you precisely as you envision it. In addition, Kief Studio can help you stand out above the pack in the cannabis industry with top-quality design, content, marketing, and branding services across all our cannabis packaging products.

Cannabis Packaging Design - The Green Chasm - Product Mockup by Kief.Studio
Cannabis Packaging Design – The Green Chasm – Product Mockup by Kief Studio

Custom Cannabis Packaging Design Services

Custom Cannabis Packaging Design Services for Kief Studio clients can develop attractive packages and displays that generate extra sales at the register and increase the brand’s visibility. Kief Studio can design customized business cards, brochures, trade show banners, product menus, packaging, and more.

Kief Studio is a leader in specialized custom product packaging design and specialized retail packages for cannabis products. We help our clients conceptualize and execute their packaging needs, from concept design through delivery of the final product.

Your cannabis packaging could be an eye-catching design, unique shape, and something to set your brand apart from others on the shelves. While custom styles of branding and packaging dominated in the industry’s earliest days, more states have been legalizing marijuana every election cycle.

While customers expect your brand to be always fresh, they also want to recognize your products and stick to brands they trust. They are coming to cannabis for the high-quality experience, not just the low-cost product.

Software & Services We Use for Cannabis Packaging Design

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Adobe Photoshop
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Adobe Creative Cloud
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