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Cannabis Marketing has strict regulations
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Cannabis Advertising

Cannabis Advertising, Legalization, and Challenge

Advertising can be challenging.
Although marijuana has been legalized for medical and recreational purposes in many states, advertising can be challenging.

Cannabis advertising, cannabis business, and marketing cannabis dispensaries create a daunting challenge for all entrepreneurs. Dispensary operators and owners must look for effective ways to promote their businesses as the marijuana industry grows exponentially. Additionally, marijuana operators face more challenges when advertising their business than entrepreneurs in other industries.

Cannabis advertising can be challenging even in states where it has been legalized for medical and recreational purposes. For cannabis dispensaries, marketing on social media can still be pretty challenging, even though cannabis is legal for recreational use in over one-third of the country.

Organic Social Media Advertising Is Beneficial

Although cannabis businesses cannot use paid social media advertising, they can still benefit from organic social media marketing.

It is illegal at the federal level to advertise marijuana.
It is illegal at the federal level to advertise marijuana.

On a federal level, marijuana remains illegal, so the major social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have all implemented policies limiting the use of social media for marketing and advertising cannabis businesses and marijuana-related businesses that are not involved in the cannabis industry (e.g., companies that produce POS software, train cannabis industry workers, recruit job candidates, etc.).

Since marijuana is still a relatively new industry and not legal at the federal level, mainstream platforms do not allow marijuana-related ads. However, the federal government prohibits marketing substances (like cannabis) at many venues. It is not only that cannabis companies have limited promotional options, but most are focused on localized promotion. It may take some time for federal regulations to address the many restrictions on advertising for cannabis businesses.

Cannabis Marketing Can Be Tricky With Strict Regulations
Cannabis Marketing Can Be Tricky with Strict Regulations

Cannabis Dispensaries Need Strategies to Market Themselves Legally.

There are often stricter regulations surrounding cannabis businesses’ online advertising, unfortunately. Even though many tight rules and restrictions govern cannabis ads, it is still possible for cannabis businesses to market themselves legally using the strategies outlined above. You will need the best marijuana-specific point of sale system for internet marketing for cannabis-based enterprises. To market locally with marijuana, it’s crucial to have your dispensary listed on third-party websites and directories.

Cannabis Advertising and Marketing Strategies

Various marijuana-specific advertising networks can deliver legal, compliant digital ads to your target demographic. Using local, third-party advertising networks to advertise cannabis products online or at cannabis retail stores is one of our favorite marijuana marketing ideas we can offer our clients. Digital advertising is one of the most effective methods for marketing marijuana.

This is because digital ad platforms such as Google and Bing drive potential customers from the lower part of the funnel right to your website or landing page. This is for purchasing cannabis products or CBD. Many businesses across multiple industries heavily rely on digital advertising to build brand awareness and target prospective customers.

In order to market cannabis-based businesses online, you will need the best marijuana-specific point of sale system.
In order to market cannabis-based businesses online, you will need the best marijuana-specific point of sale system.

A cannabis ad and an email campaign are natural partners in digital content marketing. Content marketing is about publishing helpful content your audience will share and enjoy.

Growing Your Cannabis Company and Brand On Social Media

To grow your cannabis company and brand on social media, you must post valuable content that interests your target market. When you take a strategic approach to social media, you can get some traction and convert it to sales even with restrictions on major social media platforms.

Although SEO and content marketing are effective marketing techniques, cannabis social media marketing is an effective cannabis marketing strategy. With digital marketing, entrepreneurs can connect with new customers in various ways, including social media, search engines, display ads, directories, and others.

Cannabis Advertising Is Imperative To Reach Prospective Customers.
Cannabis Advertising Is Imperative to Reach Prospective Customers.

Cannabis business owners committed to digital advertising as part of their marketing strategy should be delighted to hear the announcement that email marketing is now accepted as an acceptable means of reaching customers.

Therefore, most large media properties will not allow marijuana-related businesses to advertise on their sites. A satellite station is not subject to the same regulations as conventional radio stations. They can offer marijuana ads without restrictions.

We have all seen CBD ads on Google Search, and Google also allows CBD advertising and cannabis-related products and services, but only within a particular display context. Cannabis and CBD can be advertised on Google. Many CBD brands are making it work but getting approval for Google Search or Display ads is still challenging.

Make Sure Your Cannabis Ads Represent Your Brand
Make Sure Your Cannabis Ads Represent Your Brand

Building Brand Awareness

You may be able to convince customers to discover other marijuana-related products on their own. You can do this if you advertise CBD products to build brand awareness. Let’s say your ads are solely educational and advocate (including images, videos, messaging, and landing pages that link to) and do not advertise marijuana or cannabis products in any way. It may be possible for social media sites to approve your ads in that case.

Promoting your widely applicable products without mentioning cannabis (even though you are targeting the cannabis market first) would make sense if you sell hydroponic equipment or fertilizer. As a result, a dispensary specializing in marijuana buds and supplies would be misguided if it advertised the harmless snacks they also sell to drive business.

In the top part of the page, all promoted ads were from companies offering B2B solutions for the cannabis industry. This is an unstated fact in the marijuana industry. The video advertising placement is in its testing phase. However, many CBD brands leverage video ads to increase brand awareness through marijuana marketing.

Use All The Tools Available for Cannabis Advertising
Use All The Tools Available for Cannabis Advertising

Many social media website policies prohibit cannabis retailers, including dispensaries, from advertising their business on social media platforms with contact information such as telephone numbers, email addresses, and street addresses or by using an Instagram Business “Contact Us” tab. The online marketing of dispensaries is still subject to strict guidelines, and businesses must be careful not to get fined or damage their reputations.

Cannabis advertising and marketing is not impossible!

Fortunately, intelligent marijuana marketing on the internet is not impossible. There are excellent ways for cannabis businesses to adapt to regulation while prioritizing their social media management tools for achieving company goals.

A growing number of cannabis dispensaries use online resources to reach a broader audience in an era of modern technology. For dispensaries and delivery services to advertise on popular sites like Weedmaps or Leafly, they would have had to pay a premium. Because all of those were available, they hoped this would attract more visitors.

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